We got power and heating in the greenhouse

It has been a long time coming (9 years) but this spring we have heating in the greenhouse helping us get a head start on this year’s veg. Not just veg but mostly veg. And of course, just to be very clear, you absolutely don’t need heating or power in your greenhouse. This is very much an added extra, we’ve chosen to go down this route for convenience.

So what was the process like of getting the power cables laid? Was it expensive and importantly, is it expensive to run? Catch up with us as we chat about our experience.



  1. Carol Messenger

    I also took the plunge this year and bought a greenhouse heater. I was fortunate in that I had power put in when I replaced my old greenhouse 4 years ago (I also went for 2 double sockets – believe me, it won’t be enough haha!!).

    For such a cold spring this year, this was a great decision for me and I am very pleased to have the heater.

    What make is yours? I bought one from Simply Control (based in Pitlochry – nowhere near me in the middle of England!) and it has been fab!

  2. Ah ha

    Nip up to the gear page in the menu and you can get all the details

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