Top 10 gifts for gardeners

It’s that time of year where I am continuously asked what I want for Christmas and usually, the answer is simple, I don’t need anything, but this is rarely the answer that’s desired so again but what do you want?

So I thought to help all you folk out there who are being asked, I would put together my personal top ten gardening gifts, that way you can just send people a link to the blog post. Job done.

Number Ten

Knee Pads – as a gardener, I spend a lot of time crawling around, kneeling and generally crouching. This means sore, skinned knees and trousers get trashed. The answer is most definitely big, padded knee pads to just make my knees happier. You can also get kneeling stands etc, but I just find they can be a bit cumbersome and get in the way, knee pads go where you go. I don’t know any gardener who would say they couldn’t find a use for a good pair of knee pads.

Knee pads –

Number Nine

Useful tool box / lunch box –  I already have one of these tins for keeping all my seeds organised (you’ll see it pop up in the blog and youtube videos often). I don’t think you can ever have enough organisation type boxes and these tin boxes with latched lids are fantastic. I can absolutely picture my flask of tea and a sandwich in this one.

Tool and tuck tin – discounted

Number Eight

Down to earth gardening wisdom by Monty Don – Gardening books are a fantastic gift for any garden from beginner to advanced and Monty is a British treasure not only for his gardening, but also his fashion sense, advice and honesty. Let’s not forget Nigel the dog too.

Down to earth gardening wisdom by Monty Don

Number Seven

Alan Titchmarsh – How to garden (greenhouse)  – sticking with the bok theme, this one is actually a bit sentimental for me. This is one of the books Kate bought me when we bought Ar Bruadair to help me create and manage my first garden. It’s full of fantastic advice.

Alan Titchmarsh – How to garden – greenhouse –

Number Six

Alan Titchmarsh – How to garden (growing veggies) – again one of the books Kate bought me and my absolute inspiration for my greenhouse. This book is great for a first timer, taking you thought all the things to think about like sun postition, hot spots etc.

Alan Titchmarsh – How to garden – growing veggies –

Number Five

Paper pot maker – space is an issue every gardener faces. Not just space to grow things, but space to store things too and every year I had a battle on my hands to find space to store all the pots I needed for spring. This little paper pot maker solved all of that and now we make pots out of old newspaper and they break down in the soil, no storage needed. It was one of those genius things Kate came across while surfing the web on Sunday morning and I’m glad she did.  See it in use:

Paper pot maker

Number Four

Chilligrow planter – You guys all know how much I love my quadgrow planters so no christmas wish list would be complete without one of these. This one is the chilli version, so slightly smaller but I’ve had fantastic success with mine and I use it for way more than chillies, I have herbs in mine too.

Chilligrow planter –

Number three

Quadgrow planter – I’ve mentioned Chilligrow planters, now meet it’s much bigger brother the quadgrow. Holds and looks after 4 tomato plants easily, keeping watering even and giving my bumper crops. I love this guy.

See my journey from newbie to lover in my video playlist:

Quadgrow planter

Number Two

Gardening gloves –  now let me clarify, I don’t mean big, heavy gloves to protect your hands from thorns etc. I mean these delicate little things that you can do all sorts of jobs while wearing, even potting on seedlings.

I have fallen in love with these gloves over the last couple of years because quite simply, they let me get on with things. I have tiny hands and it is impossible to find gloves that I am comfortable wearing because the fingers are always too long. These were not only a great fit, but they let you still “feel” meaning you can do all sorts of garden jobs without that gloves on, gloves off, gloves on, gloves off thing.

Gardening gloves –

Number One

A Journal – my number one gift idea. A journal to keep track of the garden from season to season is one of the best gifts you can give any gardener. I was given mine from friends and I have since bought the same one as a gift for my sister. My number one gift for gardeners!

Gardening Journal –


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