Thinking about taking on an allotment?

The last couple of years has seen an absolute boom in the amount of folk taking up gardening for the first time as well as those renting allotment plots. So as you can imagine, we’ve seen a lot of new folks join our wee community over the last couple of years, looking for helpful advice. The general advice about sowing and growing I can happily do but I’ve no experience of allotmenteering so I asked a friend to help out and talk to us a little about her experience of allotments. What are they and what should you expect if you choose to take one on.

So with the magic of film, here is Jen on her plot in South Wales to show you around.



  1. hi,

    Really enjoyed collaborating with you on this and so glad to have made new friends too! I hope those who watch it enjoy it as much as we had fun creating this video!


  2. We really enjoyed it too