The sitooterie is finished

We mentioned in a recent post that we were working on our little patio area where we sit out of an evening or BBQ with friends. It was looking a bit sad and in need of love, so we’ve done a little bit of work to perk it up a bit.

picnic bench and herb potsThe first thing we did, was give the old picnic bench a lick of paint, we chose a light grey. This means that it should hopefully stand up to the weather a bit better and also be much more wipe dry – after all, no one likes a wet bottom!

We’ve also added some splashes of colour with these little hanging pots which now hold our herbs. It’s just a little thing, but it does make for a cheerier outlook.

It’s a bit early in the year yet for all the plants to be in full colour as our back garden is populated with summer and autumn plants, so this adds some great colour to go along with the foliage that’s out there, but come proper summer time this should be a blast of bright colours! I can’t wait.

We’ve also added some lights.

garden lightsYou’ll have noticed in various blog posts, especially the ones where we’ve had friends over, that we have all sorts of solar lights we’ve used in the garden, be that little twinkling ones in the rowan tree or the hanging coloured globes we hung around the roof of the gazebo. But there have always been slight downsides to these.

With the twinkling lights in the tree, the birds strop their beaks on the tree branches which over time breaks the wires. We were on our 3rd set of lights (which are not easy to put up and worse to take down) so we decided we’d give up on that particular lighting arrangement. The lights that hang inside the gazebo are gorgeous and really make the place look fabulous, but they are not designed for all weathers so have to be put up and taken down every time we want to use them, a small price to pay but a price none the less.

edison bulb
Edison Bulb

So now we’ve put up a set of all-weather lights which can be left outdoors even during a Scottish winter, which if you have ever experienced a Scottish summer, you’ll know is not the most pleasant.

outdoor socketTo do this, Kate has had to install an outdoor, waterproof plug up near the eaves of the house, this means the lights can be switched on and off from inside the house and we’re not worrying about electrical extensions sitting out in the garden should we get a sudden burst of rain. It was actually really easy to and easy to get a hold off, wee trip to B&Q and we had all the bits and pieces we needed and Kate being Kate, she had to make sure the cables and clips etc all matched colour wise 🙂

The also have Edison bulbs in them, which just look lovely, Edison bulbs are the ones where you can see the filament inside, very pretty and a bit steam punk.

So now our little sitooterie is looking like a lovely Parisian cafe. Well in my opinion anyway, but I’ve never been to Paris so what do I know.




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