The hotbin composter – the big reveal. Did it work?

Firstly I must apologise for this incredibly late post. We did a big reveal video showing the hotbi composter and the results way back in July and unfortunately, I forgot to share it here. Unforgivable!

So for those of you who were watching out for this… from July

And just for a special update for you guys, we’ve emptied the bin at least twice since then and been more than happy each time.

I’ve got a bit of a routine going with this now, I empty the compost onto a big tarpaulin, as it’s easier for me to deal with, I then drag this into the greenhouse and leave it for a few days to dry out a bit, before sieving it and adding it to the beds etc as needed.

I just feel that straight from the bin its a bit wet to use other than to dig it through, but as we garden in raised bed, there is limited options for digging through properly, so instead I sieve it and use the best stuff for the beds etc and put the larger pieces back into the bin. It works great though.

At one point I had 6 sacks of compost stored behind the shed because I couldn’t use it fast enough to keep up.

So thumbs up, big success.



  1. Hi Eli, doing some research on hot bin before we purchace, i was searching through the blogs and came across yours with interest about yours, like you we have very little house waste products, so my question is how do you get the bin to generate the proper heat and what are you putting in place of house hold waste, your problem with the stirring stick could i think be solved by a tool used in the decorating trade called a radiator roller handle looks very much the same product but used for something different, comes in different lengths, as well , Nick Anderson

  2. Hey Nick,

    good plan doing the research first. They aren’t cheap.

    We have found that it is impossible to get the bin to run hot outside of spring/summer when we have a sufficient amount of garden waste to top the bin up. Over winter when we are relying solely on kitchen waste there just isn’t enough. This also means the bin tends to sit full over winter, as it’s not hot composting, so not breaking things down quick enough to actually get rid of the kitchen waste. Essentially it is acting like a standard compost bin.

    For us, its the grass that seems to make the biggest difference. That is the thing that we have enough of and have it regularly enough that it can keep the bin going. We have a small garden so we generally don’t have loads of garden waste other than grass really.

    It also took me a while to properly get the hang of the amounts of different materials to add. It takes way more paper than I thought it would 🙂


  3. This post has been so helpful! Thank you.

  4. Loved your Hotbin test. I have one Also had a wet problem but have just moved it to my allotment and it’s cooking away now at 100 degrees seem happier in the baking sunshine. I also had an eggshell problem and as I do a lot of baking have a lot of shells. I collect them all up and leave them in the bottom of the oven as I cook. They get really hard and brittle them I gather them all in a bag and bash the hell out of them with a rolling pin. Very therapeutic and it results in a fine grit which I just pop in the bin or under my toms when I plant them up.

  5. Glad to hear you’ve got it chugging away 🙂
    Mine is like a steam facial when you open it

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