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Planting out garlic & pea shoots in October

It’s October and I’m still sowing, growing, and harvesting in the garden and the greenhouse, so join us for some autumn and winter seed sowing and an update on last month’s seeds in the greenhouse. We’re also planting garlic in the raised beds and as a bit of an experiment, […]

Can I grow carrots in a container?

Now I swore I wasn’t going to grow any winter veg and here I am mucking about with carrots. So here’s the thing, a while ago I planted two lots of carrots. The first lot I planted directly into the raised beds. The second lot I planted in the root […]

hydrangea in a small pot

Hydrangeas over winter

Today is the start of something really interesting which we’ll be covering over multiple posts and videos over the winter and beyond. Hydrangeas. However, as we have to start somewhere, I thought a brilliant place to start might just be winter and how we look after our plants because that […]

Wrapping gifts is easy… try a greenhouse

Boy oh boy do we have a damn good chuckle to share with you guys today… this weekend… we wrapped the greenhouse. Yup, you read that correctly, we WRAPPED THE GREENHOUSE. OK let’s go back to the start… it will all make sense that way. For you guys who have […]