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Hardiness zones, what can I grow?

January is the perfect time for sitting with a mug of tea, a couple of biscuits (ok, ok a plate) and a pile of seed catalogues (or as Kate calls them, garden porn). Just browsing those wonderful blasts of colour and potential beauty is enough to keep me going all […]

July already – quick get the potatoes pulled

This year seems to be whizzing by and to be honest, almost without me noticing. I’m finding this year that the garden and its moods are not quite as obvious as it’s been in previous years possibly because of the very mild winter we had where next to nothing died […]

It’s time for an update

A few weeks back I introduced you to a garden newcomer called cucamelons. At that point they were just little seedlings and you couldn’t really tell much about their “character”. I’m glad to say that they have come on in leaps and bounds since then. They should keep going in […]

Beetroot and carrot seedlings

It’s official, our very first outdoor seedlings are starting to sprout. The bed where I planted our carrots and beetroot is showing signs of life. I apologise as the picture is not the most amazing but we thought it would be good to share the small signs of spring life […]

Quick update – the seedlings, one week on

Just a very quick update for you, it’s been a week since we planted our first seeds and already we have some life. As usual it’s the courgettes at the front of the race with good strong looking plants. I always worry about the tomatoes, they start off looking so […]