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Planting out garlic & pea shoots in October

It’s October and I’m still sowing, growing, and harvesting in the garden and the greenhouse, so join us for some autumn and winter seed sowing and an update on last month’s seeds in the greenhouse. We’re also planting garlic in the raised beds and as a bit of an experiment, […]

How to grow petunias from seed

There is a bit of trepidation about growing petunias from seed, with most gardeners preferring to buy small plug plants and grow these on but with a little bit of knowledge and some patience, petunias are no more difficult to grow than any other flowers. The main problem people find […]

Is that spring I’m feeling?

It’s only the beginning of February but I swear there’s a feeling of spring in the air. (Well come on we haven’t really had a winter have we?) and with the approach of spring comes the hive of activity to get the garden ready for the coming year. So anything […]