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The useful information on garden seed packets & catalogues

The darker, colder winter months are when gardeners all yearn for spring. But for the thoughtful gardeners, this doesn’t have to be a void where there is no gardening to be had. Instead, on days when we can’t be out working in the garden, we could instead be doing our […]

What seeds to sow in January

Seeds to sow in January and yes, there are seeds that can be sown in January, even here in Scotland. But… the but is important, as it’s good to have a little bit of knowledge before you get stuck in. It may just help to make sure that your seed […]

How to use propagators to beat the cold

If, like us, you live in a place where spring can still be quite cold, and so hard to get your seeds germinating, even in the greenhouse, it may be handy to know how to get the best out of propagators.

January has gone, hurrah for February: let the gardening commence

excitement and build-up to spring started last week for me, with getting the greenhouse properly clean and tidy. It now feels awesome to walk in there and see all the propagators ready for action. And a couple of them have foxgloves I’ve grown from last years seeds, so I’m really excited about that.

January is always seedanuary

January at Ar Bruadair is always a time for reflection on the year past and the excitement of the year to come. It’s January when the seed orders get placed and plans are underway. So go grab a cuppa and a wee biscuit or two and let’s get started.

How to save your tomato seeds for next year

Well after the last post talking about saving seeds from your flower garden I thought it might be nice to follow that up for all you vegetable gardeners with a way to save your tomato seeds. So get your jam jars out again! Saving tomato seeds is a little bit […]