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It’s autumn how did that happen?

It only seemed like minutes ago when I was getting excited at peppers ripening and courgettes swelling and now it’s autumn. Already. Although to be fair, as I write this it’s still lovely and sunny and relatively warm in the garden. OK, not summer warm but still t-shirt wearing weather. […]

Repairing the raised bed covers

It’s funny how easy it is to out off those little jobs that you absolutely know need to be done. We’ve been saying since last summer, “oh we better sort those netting frames.” But you know what it’s like… We out off and out off. Finally though, a morning of […]

The garden in April, let’s go for a walk

April has seen sun, showers and wind, making for an interesting month in the garden. We’re also full into lockdown now, so it’s difficult to get plants and seeds at the moment (and even those you do get don’t always survive the slightly longer delivery times). So this month has […]

January is always seedanuary

January at Ar Bruadair is always a time for reflection on the year past and the excitement of the year to come. It’s January when the seed orders get placed and plans are underway. So go grab a cuppa and a wee biscuit or two and let’s get started.

Starting carrots in the root trainer

Way back in March when I was getting the spring planting underway, I spoke to you about the problems I can have getting carrots and beetroot to take. Mostly due to the length of time it takes for the ground to heat up here in Scotland and the fact that […]

New raised beds – railway sleepers

I just looked over our old blog posts to see when we installed the raised beds and it gave me a bit of a warm glow. I love going back over the old posts to see how the garden has changed and grown over the years. Turns out we installed […]