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My experiment: growing courgettes in a quadgrow

I’m doing one of my mad experiments in the garden again. It’s completely unplanned but hey ho. I had a spare quadgrow sitting gathering dust and two scrawny little courgette plant babies that I was going to bin. So I thought, if it doesn’t work then it’s no loss. So […]

The big quadgrow giveaway

Today I am putting a wee message out to all you guys in our awesome community to say thank you. We hit the 1000 subscriber mark on our youtube channel this week, which is a bit deal and we just wanted to say thank you so much, everyone. We originally […]

Top 10 gifts for gardeners

It’s that time of year where I am continuously asked what I want for Christmas and usually, the answer is simple, I don’t need anything, but this is rarely the answer that’s desired so again but what do you want? So I thought to help all you folk out there […]