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Overwintering your peppers

Today’s video is possibly one of the most asked for over the past few years. In the UK, because of our milder climate, we cut down and basically bin our hot weather crops like tomatoes and peppers. Meaning that we have to start fresh every year by sowing new seeds […]

An August pepper update from the greenhouse

I’m going to blow the suspense by making the intro to this paragraph the conclusion you are all waiting on. The new variety of peppers I’m growing, “King of the North” is a romping success. There I said it. So you may not want to join us in the greenhouse […]

Shade in the greenhouse

Shading the greenhouse is commonplace in warmer sunnier climes, but as I’ve said. It’s not something I’ve ever even thought about, because, well… I’ve never seen sunlight strong enough to cause my plants any problems. However, this year the weather has been all over the place. So you may not […]

We got power and heating in the greenhouse

It has been a long time coming (9 years) but this spring we have heating in the greenhouse helping us get a head start on this year’s veg. Not just veg but mostly veg. And of course, just to be very clear, you absolutely don’t need heating or power in […]