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The useful information on garden seed packets & catalogues

The darker, colder winter months are when gardeners all yearn for spring. But for the thoughtful gardeners, this doesn’t have to be a void where there is no gardening to be had. Instead, on days when we can’t be out working in the garden, we could instead be doing our […]

Deadheading your flowers: why, how and when?

Deadheading basically just means taking the spent flowers off your plants and there are two good reasons why you should: dead and decaying flowers just don’t look great and can make your whole plant look a bit ropey it can encourage your plant to keep flowering for longer or even […]

Hanging baskets – time for a bit of a refresh

When the garden is in bloom there is no better antidote to the blues. Bright, colourful flowers and a bit of sun may just be the best thing in the world. However, this weekend saw us give in and accept that the hanging baskets needed a wee bit of help. […]

New raised beds – railway sleepers

I just looked over our old blog posts to see when we installed the raised beds and it gave me a bit of a warm glow. I love going back over the old posts to see how the garden has changed and grown over the years. Turns out we installed […]

Compost sieve

Compost, how to use it & when to sieve it

If you haven’t been following our adventure with composting over the past few years you won’t know that we started off with the big, standard type compost pile at the back of the garden (build from odds and ends of wood) and are now using a swanky hotbin composter. But fear […]

Hardiness zones, what can I grow?

January is the perfect time for sitting with a mug of tea, a couple of biscuits (ok, ok a plate) and a pile of seed catalogues (or as Kate calls them, garden porn). Just browsing those wonderful blasts of colour and potential beauty is enough to keep me going all […]