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The useful information on garden seed packets & catalogues

The darker, colder winter months are when gardeners all yearn for spring. But for the thoughtful gardeners, this doesn’t have to be a void where there is no gardening to be had. Instead, on days when we can’t be out working in the garden, we could instead be doing our […]

Let’s be honest about Autumn and our state of mind

I’m currently looking out at the rain and wind and wondering if I’ll ever get into the garden again. It feels like there has been constant heavy rain for weeks. I know that’s not accurate, there will definitely have been mixes of rain and dry but because I can only […]

Sharpening your garden tools – the no-nonsense guide

Those of you who know me, know I have a bit of an obsession for sharpening tools and knives. I think things should be properly looked after, properly sharp so that they do the job they are meant to safetly and well. I suspect it’s from my background in luthieriship […]

How well do you know me?

During lockdown, I did a zoom interview with Georgie from Rhino greenhouses. I say interview, basically we both just nattered about the garden, how we got into gardening and the joys it brings.


Come for a walk around our June garden

Well it definitely feels like summer is here, well it did until a couple of days ago and it basically hasn’t stopped raining (and thunderstorms) since. But you know, it was lovely until then. So come for a wee wander around the garden with me and let’s see how those […]

Foxgloves from seed to extravaganza

Our garden is currently awash with blooms and I’m pretty excited so I have to share it with you. Cause you know, that’s the rules. Awash I tell you! Remember way back last autumn when I took you around with me and collected seeds from some of the flower heads, […]