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The composting adventure and our new bin

It feels like forever ago when we first posted a blog about our switch over to the more compact hotbin system. We’d had a standard palet bay for ages and didn’t really think composting was anything people were interested in, but when we started trying out one of the new […]

Amending the soil in your raised beds

It’s no secret to you guys that I get a bit down in winter when the garden is at it’s least productive and coincidentally least green. But sometimes you need to take the hit, because then you have the chance to make sure the garden has everything it needs, to […]

compost from the hotbin

At last, success with my hotbin composter

At last, I can truly celebrate success with my hotbin composter. It’s taken a while but finally I am seeing my hard work pay off and I’m getting some lovely usable compost. You guys have been with me on this journey as I’ve battled to get the ratios right, the […]