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It’s autumn how did that happen?

It only seemed like minutes ago when I was getting excited at peppers ripening and courgettes swelling and now it’s autumn. Already. Although to be fair, as I write this it’s still lovely and sunny and relatively warm in the garden. OK, not summer warm but still t-shirt wearing weather. […]

So how hot does my greenhouse get?

I’m starting to get organised for the colder months coming and I’m spending a bit of time taking stock of the garden, of what’s hardy and can stay outside and what will need a wee bit of love and support once the weather turns. I’ve started planning what I can […]

Autumn is coming

OK it’s September. Someone want to explain to me how that happened? I can’t be the only person who hasn’t quite managed to get out of April yet, surely? As you guys know, September is usually the month where we start winding down in the garden. The tomatoes and peppers […]

Winter spiced tea recipe

Spiced tea was a recent discover for me, and to be honest, at first I wasn’t sure. Now however I am a full on convert. It’s another of those little comforters for the dark cold months we are about to embrace. So where did this come form? Well for me, […]