Spring is coming, say it loud! Time to clean and rebuild the greenhouse and have a good look at the garden.


It feels like such a long time since we got to be excited about the garden. Yet another long, wet and windy winter has meant the only fun in the garden has been chasing the roof panels from the greenhouse as they’ve been blown off and into neighbouring gardens.  This year has been the worst so far and there has been absolutely no roof on the greenhouse since Christmas. It’s just been too windy to refit the panels but this weekend has been almost spring-like and we’ve got out there to get started for this year’s garden fun.

Even if we were to have a windless winter and the greenhouse roof was intact, the year still starts when we take the roof off and clean the panels and frame, which gets yucky with green goo through the year.  Oh and of course, clean the white glue gunk that the gaffa tape leaves behind from us trying to stop the wind stealing the roof.

Kate hard at work cleaning the frame.

It was hard work but getting the greenhouse back up and running means we can start planning for the coming year, decide what we are going to grow and get the garden looking pretty again. Although when you make an effort to look, you realise that even though everything looks bland and in winter hibernation, spring is so close that little bursts of beauty are starting to appear. After all its only a couple of weeks until the first day of spring.

It’s getting exciting to see the garden come alive and even more so to start thinking that soon it will be in full bloom again.

Bulbs are always the first sign of spring, crocuses, snowdrops and then daffodils have been popping up with their little bursts of sunshine but even in the greenery and leaves and the new buds that are appearing the garden is starting to look fantastic.

Tonight’s plan is to decide on our growing schedule for the year, go through our left-over seeds from last year to see what we need to buy and then get ordering. Kate’s already got a couple of ideas for things she wants to try out and I have some plans for testing the quadgrow system a little more.

We can’t wait to get back to things properly.


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