Shade in the greenhouse

Shading the greenhouse is commonplace in warmer sunnier climes, but as I’ve said. It’s not something I’ve ever even thought about, because, well… I’ve never seen sunlight strong enough to cause my plants any problems. However, this year the weather has been all over the place. So you may not be surprised to hear that we’ve seen some crazy hot, sunny days. Way hotter than normal.

A few weeks back I lost a few peppers to something called sunscald. Which causes damaged patches on the skin of the fruit which go soft and squishy and will eventually rot. The cause, quite simply strong, direct, sunlight. So, I can no longer claim that we need to think about shading in our greenhouses here in the central belt of Scotland because quite obviously we do.

So today, join me in my nice, shady greenhouse to chat about my choice of shading, what it does, and more importantly… Does it work?


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