Season finale 2019 – final harvest

It’s that time again folks, the growing season here at Ar Bruadair is coming to an end, so this weekend we went about tidying, clearing out, cutting back and harvesting what needed to be harvested. I’m not going to look at it as a sad day though, instead I’m going to look at it as the beginning of next season.

Really happy with this year, the new greenhouse is certainly making life easier and we’ve had a constant supply of peppers and tomatoes this year. Even though I accidentally grew three bush types – not a lot of space. We did have a batch of unripened tomatoes which last year I used to make passata and chutney, this year we didn’t get quite that amount.

First time this year that we’ve grown Roma Peppers, and we’ll be adding that to our list. Awesome peppers and a bit fun. Although, word of warning, the smaller ones look a bit like large jalapenos so be careful 🙂

But generally, we’re pretty happy. We’ve had the usual courgette fun – find them before they become marrows. That’s always a fun game.

And I know you were all advising me to wear gloves when dealing with the courgettes, so I promise, I did for the final harvest – just for you guys.

A bit easier in the greenhouse, not as prickly or as cold, but big bowl fulls of jalapenos and San Marzano tomatoes. Yum! And not to forget the amazing mix of peppers.

The fun this year has to go to the carrots though, I don’t think I’ve had a single straight carrot, but I have had some Instagram stars…

The Jacob Reese Mogg (recumbent) of the carrot world went down a storm on twitter.

And I’ll leave this one to your imagination…

Going to put a bit more focus on flowers next year, so you’ll see a few changes in the greenhouse, namely a little bit less in the way of tomatoes and peppers, but hopefully, that will make for better-hanging baskets and borders, hurrah! And hopefully even BIGGER sunflowers than this year… which have been whoppers! Kate took some photos to show you… With an Eli for scale.

This is our tallest one
And our smallest…

I suspect the next few weeks will see lots of cooking to use up garden goodies, it may even be courgette fritters for tea tonight.

If you have a harvest bounty and are running out of ideas…

I think there may be a few more recipes coming your way soon to use up the amazing harvests we’re all having.

As ever, pop over to Youtube to join me in the greenhouse for a bit of a chat



  1. Have loved following the season with you and am looking forward to next year’s posts too. Grew indigo blue tomatoes which were vile even when fully ripened so I’m wondering if the seed supplier is key as I know you gals said you loved them. Odd eh. I have a flower request! Next year can you show in detail how you grow petunias please. Fiddly wee seeds but it would literally save hundreds of pounds if I could get that going here in Belfast. I’ve even bought a new greenhouse in anticipation of flower raising. Grew petunias from plugs successfully this year so seed is the next step. Thanks so much for all your 2019 info.

  2. Oh no Annie, I’m gutted that you didn’t like the Indigo tomatoes. They are quite acidic so it may just be we have different tastes. I’m not a fan of a lot of the ones other gardeners rave about, so maybe it’s me 🙁

    OK deal. We’ll go on a petunia adventure together next year. They are crazy tiny seeds, and you will end up with FAR TOO MANY, but everyone loves free plants so you’ll be popular.

  3. Thought the links below might interest you Annie, but we will be doing some updated videos in the new season so watch out.

    Petunias – the growing from seed adventure
    Potting on in the greenhouse

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