Repairing the raised bed covers

It’s funny how easy it is to out off those little jobs that you absolutely know need to be done. We’ve been saying since last summer, “oh we better sort those netting frames.” But you know what it’s like… We out off and out off.

Finally though, a morning of sawing and drilling in the bitter cold and we got them sorted and it was a lot more fun than you might think.



  1. Live near Perth. What varieties of bush tomatoes have you been successful with?

    What is the smallest pot size you can use for these. I have grown Red Alert quite well in pots in my cold greenhouse.

    What is the best way to label pots. I have used plastic and wooden lollipop sticks in the past but not with great success.

    Best wishes


  2. Wow lots of questions
    bush varieties, I grow Sweet Millions and roma plum
    labels, whatever way you like… you’ll see a few different videos and blog posts with ideas on this if you have a search – including making metal tags

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