Remember Colin? Let us introduce you to Jim…

Remember Colin? Every year we named one of the courgette plants Colin and used him as a way of updating you guys as to how things were going with the seedlings.

Colin over the years

Well this year we thought we’d do something different. In honour of Jim McColl, our favourite gardener who retired from Beechgrove Garden this year, let us introduce you to Jim the tomato plant.

Jim the blue cherry tomato plant

You’ve already seen Jim appear in blogs and videos, but this is the first introduction. Above was Jim as a small seedling, but obviously he didn’t stay small.

Jim is getting bigger.

He is now the biggest tomato plant in the greenhouse and has a little name tag so we don’t forget who he is.

He was also the first to get tomatoes
Jim and his shiny name tag

As the year goes on, we’ll keep you up to date on Jim and how he is doing, but don’t worry, we haven’t abandoned Colin, he’s happily enjoying retirement from the media spotlight.

Colin enjoying retirement

On the note of retirement, I promised you my Jim tribute video for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.


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