Planting out spring bulbs including tulips, alliums and crocuses and we’re even planting onions this year

Lots of plans for the garden this weekend, but… the weather wasn’t on our side. What should have been a wee hour ended up being spread over the entire weekend but we got there. We’ve added loads of spring bulbs to the garden, including more tulips, quite snazzy ones. More alliums, in a range of colours – I’m quite excited about these and we’ve added loads of crocuses, which I’ve never had much success with, so fingers crossed. We’ve even planted onions for the very first time, from sets a friend gave us (thank you Joe and Lynsey).

The weather put a stop to things early on, so while I waited on the better weather (less rain and wind), I got some tidying and tweaking done in the greenhouse. Moved the vitopod to make way for a temporary bed for winter greens.


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