Planting out garlic & pea shoots in October

It’s October and I’m still sowing, growing, and harvesting in the garden and the greenhouse, so join us for some autumn and winter seed sowing and an update on last month’s seeds in the greenhouse.

We’re also planting garlic in the raised beds and as a bit of an experiment, we’re sowing peas both in the garden to see how they fare against the winter weather and test if you really can get a jump start on spring. We’re also sowing some in the greenhouse to eat the pea shoots in salad.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re still harvesting carrots, beetroot, lettuce, and the very last of the courgettes… so what’s on the menu for this month’s harvest? Well, pizza, of course, I love my pizza but today we’re using all those veggies to make a roasted veggie sauce… I know sounds weird right? But as I mentioned recently, I’ve been quite ill for a wee bit and I’m on quite a strict diet which means no tomato sauce, no garlic, or onions. So pizza needs a bit of a plan. Hence we are trying a NOmato sauce thanks to The Gerd Chef:

So join us in this week’s jam-packed video to see what I’m sowing this month, what’s growing, and what I’m still harvesting as winter comes calling – for the very first grow along with Eli for next season.


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