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It’s autumn how did that happen?

It only seemed like minutes ago when I was getting excited at peppers ripening and courgettes swelling and now it’s autumn. Already. Although to be fair, as I write this it’s still lovely and sunny and relatively warm in the garden. OK, not summer warm but still t-shirt wearing weather. […]

The composting adventure and our new bin

It feels like forever ago when we first posted a blog about our switch over to the more compact hotbin system. We’d had a standard palet bay for ages and didn’t really think composting was anything people were interested in, but when we started trying out one of the new […]

An August pepper update from the greenhouse

I’m going to blow the suspense by making the intro to this paragraph the conclusion you are all waiting on. The new variety of peppers I’m growing, “King of the North” is a romping success. There I said it. So you may not want to join us in the greenhouse […]

Super Simplified: fertiliser, what to buy for what purpose

Fertiliser is a massive topic and if you want to you can really get in-depth and detailed. For most hobby gardeners like us, however, you really don’t need that level of detail. A simple overview is enough to get you going. That’s not to say though that you can’t delve […]

End of July in the garden and the work never stops

I feel like every week I comment that we are busy in the garden, but in all honesty, we are always busy because there are always jobs needing done. It may not always be the glamour of the greenhouse or of sowing new crops but it needs done. This has […]

Shade in the greenhouse

Shading the greenhouse is commonplace in warmer sunnier climes, but as I’ve said. It’s not something I’ve ever even thought about, because, well… I’ve never seen sunlight strong enough to cause my plants any problems. However, this year the weather has been all over the place. So you may not […]