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It’s May and it’s all change

We’ve been doing the monthly garden updates for a while now, a few years in fact, but it’s really struck me this month, just what a difference there is between this year and last, in terms of May. May is the month that we usually see the garden burst to […]

We’re planting out – last frost date has passed

The weather this spring has been so crazy with extended cold snaps, snow and so much rain that the garden is really looking a bit drab and is definitely the spring buzz I was hoping for. I won’t lie, it’s all starting to get to me and I desperately want […]

We got power and heating in the greenhouse

It has been a long time coming (9 years) but this spring we have heating in the greenhouse helping us get a head start on this year’s veg. Not just veg but mostly veg. And of course, just to be very clear, you absolutely don’t need heating or power in […]

Let’s talk tomato plants and stress

…and the stress I’m referring to is mostly that of the owner of said tomato plants. I have been seeing a whole heap of anxiety on social media over the last few weeks around tomato plants and the growers worry about how their plants fair against others. You know, the […]

April is when the garden really bursts into life

April is most definitely when the garden really starts to get going. The dark, wet winter really seems to be behind us now, apart from the odd frosty morning, and most days are warmer and dare I say it, we’re evening seeing a little bit of sunshine.