Iced coffee – 3 ways, latte, and freddo

I have been getting into iced coffee this summer in a big way thanks to my teammate Iraklis who introduced me to Freddo Espresso. I’m not a huge fan of those sweet high st. coffee chain iced coffees so when he introduced me to the strong, black greek version I was hooked.

So I thought I’d share my iced coffee secrets with you guys since we’re about to get a warm snap and you might fancy one.

So iced coffee, 3 ways. Let’s start with the milky, sweet iced latte.

Iced Latte

Think of those creamy, sweet iced coffees you get from high st. coffee shops like Starbucks. This is my super easy version, you need

  • 600ml cold coffee,
  • a tin of condensed milk

So cold coffee, you can either brew coffee overnight using cold water or make regular coffee and then let it cool and refrigerate. Pick which method is easiest for you, I usually just chill a normal batch of coffee for this.

Now since you are using condensed milk, which you can’t really use in small amounts easily as you buy by the tin, I make a large batch of these coffees and keep them in the fridge for when Kate needs a nice, cold, latte hit. I get about 5 or 6 small iced coffees from this batch.

So what’s the trick… it’s really complicated, I’m not sure you’d manage…. add condensed milk to coffee, stir lots and lots to mix it up, serve over ice.

Thick, creamy, sweet, mmmmmmm

Freddo Espresso

Next is my favourite iced coffee, Freddo Espresso. It is very simple, just espresso over ice, but… the espresso is whipped to make it really thick and creamy. My teammate at work, Iraklis, introduced me to these. He is Greek and this is his favourite Greek iced coffee. So for this one, you need a fancy gizmo, a drinks mixer.

I have heard other folk saying you can do this using your stick blender, but Iraklis has assured me it just isn’t the same, and I trust him, so I got one of these widgets.

It is basically a really high powered whisk that lets you whisk the coffee up really quickly.

So basically to make a Freddo Espresso you just need

  • espresso

Yup that simple, obviously to do the whole iced coffee thing you need ice, but generally I’m assuming you have that one coffered.

So it goes like this. Put your espresso into a large cup and add one ice cube just to cool it down. Then whisk. It will take a couple of minutes to get it all properly whisked and creamy but you’ll be amazed. Then pour it over ice in a glass and enjoy.

The coffee separates out like a proper espresso with the dark coffee and light crema but keeps that lovely luxurious taste. A word of warning though, even though this is just an espresso, it packs a punch. I don’t know if it’s because the coffee is cold, but it tasted like it’s a way more powerful espresso than normal.

Now you have a choice, you can serve this as is, but you can also tweak it. Namely, the Greeks serve this as either plain or sweet. So you can choose to sweeten to your taste. Apparently, most folks drink it as medium sweet, which is a big spoon of sugar in the espresso, mixed to dissolve before you whisk.

Now I mentioned that you can have this 3 ways, and we already mentioned, as it comes or sweetened. The third is with milk.

Freddo Cappuccino

The Freddo Cappuccino is simply the Freddo Espresso but with a small amount of cold, whipped milk added. Just like a regular cappuccino.

So again, whip your espresso and pour over ice. Then whip a small amount of milk using your widget and pour this on top of your espresso. It gives you a softer, less punch you in the face coffee hit 🙂

So there you go, iced coffee three ways.


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