Greenhouse calamity – the wind has it’s way

Well winter seems to have finally passed and I couldn’t be more thankful. We didn’t exactly get battered with snow but Musselburgh saw a couple of nasty storms and the garden, mostly the greenhouse took a hit.

Greenhouse  wind damageWe’ve been lucky in the past when the strong winds have taken roof panels from the greenhouse, we usually found them the next day in a neighbour’s garden. This time however they were long gone so we had to shore things up with cardboard and gaffa tape until the storms passed and we could fit some new polycarbonate panels.

It really was looking in a sorry state and not just

the lost panels, inside took a battering too because the wind was then able to get in and pots were smashed, shelves knocked over and general mess and debris everywhere.

There was a lot of clearing up to do, not just inside the greenhouse but the panels had gotten all covered in crud thanks to the storms so we jumped at the chance for a bit of a clean up and overhaul on the first calm day we got. It was calm, with no winds which meant we could get the new panels in place, but it was blooming freezing and washing things and having your hands in water was not fun.


cleaning and repairing the greenhouse

It was worth it though. It only took a couple of hours to wash the greenhouse down, take the panels out of the frame and wash them (including washing any green yuk out of the corrugated insides and then put everything back together with its new panels. It also gave us the chance to empty it out and give the inside a good tidy up and a sweep and get everything spick and span again.

The best part of being that it meant we were ready to go today when we started getting things planted up for the first time this year, the greenhouse was practically palatial.

spick and span




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