February garden updates

Well, folks, it’s almost time when we can get planting in the garden. If these crazy storms would just pass. The weather doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing. So let’s have a wee update on the garden as is before we start the season in earnest.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to get out into the garden yet, not just because of the weather but because I’ve been a bit poorly for a few weeks. I’ve been laid low by vertigo (caused by labyrinthitis) so things are a bit difficult. As you can imagine, even though I am on the mend, using the computer for any length of time is nauseating. Hence why the blog has been so quiet. Even a short blog post like this one is taking days to write (speech to text is doing a lot of the writing).

The garden, however, is starting to perk up and there are definite signs of spring. As always, we can rely on the daffodils to give us that first blast of colour and remind us that winter is always over. We are starting to see little flowers appearing on some of them.

We have one bed along the fence where we planted a handful of bulbs a few years ago and they have happily made it their own and spread. I love them. Not to be outdone however, the tulips are just starting to come up, one of two actually have flowers appearing. These are my favourites.

Already I’m feeling a whole lot happier with just a few little splashes of spring but there is a promise of heaps more to come. Remember I took you guys through how to collect seeds from the garden?

Well, those foxgloves seeds I collected and sowed in the greenhouse are looking amazing.

But there are also signs that they have self-seeded into the beds as well.

You can see the marked difference between the ones in the greenhouse and the ones outdoors, even though they were “planted” at the same time. Now foxgloves are biannual, so chances are we won’t get flowers from any of these guys this year, but….. next year should be spectacular.

So that’s a very quick update on the garden for February but hopefully, though I am on the mend and I’ll be back to normal for my planned planting at the beginning of March – hurray! I have A LOT of flowers to plant, not to mention tomatoes.


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