End of July in the garden and the work never stops

I feel like every week I comment that we are busy in the garden, but in all honesty, we are always busy because there are always jobs needing done. It may not always be the glamour of the greenhouse or of sowing new crops but it needs done.

This has been one of those weeks, lots of jobs needing to be done but with a rough connection of them all being jobs that carry through to future months. Cause you know, as gardeners, this is something that we all do, no matter what we grow or how, we all think forward a lot. I think it’s why folk say that gardening is a bout hope… Cause you are always doing things with the future in mind.

So this week I’m going to share some more of my magic tips, one involving some brightly coloured string. I get photobombed by a neighbours cat and … It’s time to give the rockery a wee bit of a zhuzh to make it pop.

So come join us in the garden for some sunshine and fun.



  1. You said you had a new lens a few posts ago. Is this the case or are you looking younger? I can’t compare Kate as she shuns the limelight and we don’t see enough of her.

  2. Damn, yeah it’s a different lens

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