Did the copper tape defeat the slugs and save my strawberries?

You betcha!

So… strawberries, slugs, copper tape.

I promised you an update after I put copper tape around the raised bed with the strawberries growing in it, hoping it would deter the slugs from eating all my strawberries like in previous years.
Well I am pleased to say it definitely works. Definitely.

Last year we maybe got one bowl of strawberries for the entire season, a bit disappointment because the year before we’d gotten loads. Well this Wimbledon finals day, we had enough strawberries for 3 massive portions and we’d already had 5 or 6 portions in the weeks leading up to the final. All eaten with cream of course.

So we’re looking forward to lots more strawberries but now that the slugs are under control, another pest has become more obvious… the starlings. They are eating the strawberries through my netting. Need a new plan 🙂




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