How do you have the time? Meal prep!

“How do you possibly have the time?” or “I just wish I had the time” is something I hear often so I thought maybe a blog post to share our planning and prep habits might be useful for some folk. Especially around things like food and cooking so evenings aren’t […]

Honey roasted seeds – pumpkin, sunflower and linseed

I’ve been really enjoying little packets of flavoured seeds as a snack recently. A friend at work turned me onto them and they’ve become a go-to snack, however, all those little packets add up in cost and wasteful packaging so we thought we’d have a go at our own. Turned […]

Mushroom and asparagus risotto, but with barley?

As part of our healthier lifestyle thing, we notice an awful lot of “fashionable” things appear and disappear. Sometimes they are good and we add them to our repertoire and other times they are one of those pretend this is as good as the version you know cause you are […]