Halloween here isn’t about pumpkins… apple spiced muffin recipe

I’ve been involved in a bit of facebook rant recently about Halloween and the fact that Scottish kids celebrate this as the American version (trick or treat) rather than holding onto the traditional Scottish celebrations I knew as a kid. It’s just one of those things, the world is becoming […]

How do you have the time? Meal prep!

“How do you possibly have the time?” or “I just wish I had the time” is something I hear often so I thought maybe a blog post to share our planning and prep habits might be useful for some folk. Especially around things like food and cooking so evenings aren’t […]

Slow cooker ham with a ginger crunch top

We realised today that we hadn’t shared this recipe with you guys and were astounded. It’s so easy to do and gives you not only a fantastic dinner but options for sandwiches and leftover meals too. The ham is cooked in the slow cooker so there is almost no work […]

Focaccia bread with rosemary

Every so often now I catch myself making a comment about just about any yeast-based dough recipes and saying, “ach I can do that”. I say catch myself because as regular readers here will know, there was a time when making bread seemed like some sort of magical, dark art to me. […]