Panettone – Italian Christmas Bread

The creation of our own family traditions has been one of the best things about sharing Christmas with Kate and over the years we’ve developed a few which are unique to us, for instance, we have french onion soup for tea on Christmas Eve. Kate makes the soup and I make the bread croutons. We open our presents while sitting on the floor at the tree and we each give each other one silly present, like a onesie, just to have a giggle on Christmas morning. This is a new one, home made Panettone with a coffee on Christmas morning.

Eye spy mince pies!

Its December, and for me that means only one thing – its finally mince pie season! But Kate, I hear you cry, mince pies have been in the shops since July – don’t get me started on the ridiculously early appearance of Christmas food, suffice to say that for me […]

Cooking with cast iron – let’s bust the myths

I love my cast iron pans, they put the most amazing caramalised crust on a steak, give you the best fried onions and you can cook on the cooker top and put them straight into the oven to bake. So versatile, what’s not to love? However, some folks do seem […]