Bountiful Harvest

Eating what you sow

This week we thought we’d do you a wee update on the food we get from the garden rather than just lots of pictures of plants, although we will also be including pictures of plants of course The exciting news this week is that we are seeing our first tomatoes. […]

Roasted beetroot from our garden

We have waited what seems like forever for the chance to make this dish with our own home-grown beetroot. We first ate it at our friends Hayley and Luke’s (the American) house for Thanksgiving last year and that was the moment we first got the bug for growing our own […]

Baked Squash, stuffed with leeks

Eli & I eat quite a bit of squash as she’s a bit of a squash fiend, and this time of year is perfect with all the different types of squash available to cook with. Like most folk, we tend to cook with butternut squash, making soups and pastas mostly […]