Bountiful Harvest

Garden gluts – this time it’s tomato relish

We eat a lot of relishes, chutneys and pickles, but it’s not something we’ve ever tried to make so today I decided I’d have a bit of a look around the internet to see what was involved with the aim of using up the last of the marmane tomatoes from […]

Dealing with a veg plot deluge – courgette fritters

It seems that the courgettes are back on form this year after a bit of a poor showing last year. The plants have only been flowering for a few weeks and already we’re struggling to eat all of them before we have another ready to harvest. The solution – courgette […]

Harvesting beetroot and making a tart

Beetroot tart has become a favourite of ours since we started growing our own beetroot. It’s a bit surprising to the uninitiated just how sweet beetroot can be, mostly I think because they’ve only tried the pickled beetroot from jars and just assume this is what beetroot actually tastes like. […]