The composting adventure and our new bin

It feels like forever ago when we first posted a blog about our switch over to the more compact hotbin system. We’d had a standard palet bay for ages and didn’t really think composting was anything people were interested in, but when we started trying out one of the new […]

An August pepper update from the greenhouse

I’m going to blow the suspense by making the intro to this paragraph the conclusion you are all waiting on. The new variety of peppers I’m growing, “King of the North” is a romping success. There I said it. So you may not want to join us in the greenhouse […]

Good to know before you buy a greenhouse

We’ve had so many chats with subscribers about greenhouses over the last couple of years that we thought it might be a useful thing for us to put all of those chats (well the useful bits) down in one place as a kind of useful reference for anyone thinking about […]

neem oil spray

Using neem oil in the garden to combat pests

In our previous blog post, we talked about the timeless pest control method of soap sprays for the garden. Today we are going to look at its sister remedy, neem oil. Again, it’s one of those traditional gardener’s remedies passed down through the generations and is still used in lots […]