Composting in a city backyard

We’re talking composting a lot at the minute because, well firstly being November, it’s that time of year where as gardeners, we start to think about getting the soil in our beds and containers into tip-top condition for next year. And that means a lot of compost to replace the […]

smiley Eli holding un heated propagators

What can I grow in my greenhouse over winter?

Growing in a greenhouse over winter must be the most common subject in the comments of any of our social media. Although I’m not sure it’s always phrased well, I think people actually mean what is what seeds can they sow that will germinate and grow to the point where […]

An August pepper update from the greenhouse

I’m going to blow the suspense by making the intro to this paragraph the conclusion you are all waiting on. The new variety of peppers I’m growing, “King of the North” is a romping success. There I said it. So you may not want to join us in the greenhouse […]

Good to know before you buy a greenhouse

We’ve had so many chats with subscribers about greenhouses over the last couple of years that we thought it might be a useful thing for us to put all of those chats (well the useful bits) down in one place as a kind of useful reference for anyone thinking about […]

How to keep shop-bought herbs alive

I refer to the herb plants from our supermarkets as a gateway drug, because let’s be honest, for an awful lot of people, it’s the first baby steps they make towards gardening. Fresh herbs for cooking is one of the grow your own adventures most of us go on, and […]