A complete carrot disaster

Remember back in the autumn I planted some carrots pots in the greenhouse as an experiment to see if I could grow them over winter in order to have some early carrots? Well it was all going so well. I had planted some outdoors in the raised beds at the same time which had been outdoors all winter and although they were much slower off the mark, over the last couple of months they had really started coming into their own and were looking strong. Generally I was really excited.

But then… the weather has been a bit mad recently, lots and lots of hot sunny days with a fair bit of wind thrown in, basically the type of weather that really dries the garden out, and I took that exact spell to get lazy. I absolutely hold my hands up to this, I just got lazy and I wasn’t watering properly. So of course, the carrots started to bolt. Which means, for any newbies out there, that the carrots were stressed and decided “well if I’m going to die, I’m going to do my best to get some seeds out there before I do”. The problem is that once the plant starts to focus on putting out seeds or flowers, it pretty much stops putting effort into anything else… like the carrots under the soil. So in a few weeks we went from a really exciting, potentially super harvest to .. well… I won’t spoil it. Let me just say that I didn’t get the bounty I was expecting.

Catch up with us this week and see that we all make mistakes, have garden fails and faux pas. I promise I don’t actually cry int he video 😀


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