6 different ways you can make your own garden compost

You guys have been with my through my journey from using a traditional compost pile to getting my hotbin composter going. Well today I have a treat for you. I’ve brought 6 friends onboard to talk about they compost methods they use, 6 of them. Because you never know, one of these methods may be exactly what you need.

We’ve got Tomas from London Worms and Garden talking about vermiculite and how he uses worm bins to compost EVERYTHING. Jessie from Plot 37 is going to explain how you can manage your composting using 3 bays. Gardener Scott is talking about hugelkultur and how you can use it to make use of that pile of logs and branches in your raised beds. Dan from Home Gardens is going to talk about the city garden favourite of Dalek Bins. Adam from Compost Guy UK is going to introduce us to the apartment dwellers favourite system, Bokassa and just to give you guys a change from me and my hotbin, Beanie Composter will come give his opinions on the hotbin composter. There is surely something for everyone.


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