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What seeds to sow in January

Seeds to sow in January and yes, there are seeds that can be sown in January, even here in Scotland. But… the but is important, as it’s good to have a little bit of knowledge before you get stuck in. It may just help to make sure that your seed […]

6 different ways you can make your own garden compost

You guys have been with my through my journey from using a traditional compost pile to getting my hotbin composter going. Well today I have a treat for you. I’ve brought 6 friends onboard to talk about they compost methods they use, 6 of them. Because you never know, one […]

The ultimate garden tour and update

This week we are going for a real independent tour of our gardens. We’ll show you all our favourite spots and tell you our thinking about why we planted them up the way we did. And of course along the way we’ll update you on all our winter growing in […]