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If you’d like to help support us to keep making videos and content we would be incredibly greatful!

And there are loads of ways you can support us, both financial (hurrah!) and not financial (more hurrah).

And there are loads of ways you can do them that are financial (yay!) and not financial (also yay!).

Free Ways to support us

The simplest free way – the best way – to support what we are doing is to 

  • watch our videos from start to finish,
  • like, share, comment,
  • and tell other people about what we are doing.

Youtube uses an algorithm to decide if “we are worthy” and its priority is for videos which are watched and engaged with. Sharing our videos on social media is a massive help because your recommendations mean a lot, not just to us, but to others too and we always really appreciate someone’s honesty, so thank you!

Another free way is to use the links on our gear page to shop for any items we chat about. These are called affiliate links and mean we will get a tiny percentage from amazon as a commission and the best bit is, if you are shopping anyway, it doesn’t cost you anything at at all!


If you’d like to support us directly, we have a page set up with

Every single donations is incredible and we thank you eternally!

Join us and see what fun you can have in your urban garden .