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You guys have contacted us through almost every possible channel to ask us about something you’ve seen us use on the blog or YouTube or to ask our advice on something you are thinking about buying. You even write to tell us about the gadgets you’ve bought based on our experience so we thought this may be a good time to collate all of this info into an easy-to-find list for anyone wondering about our gear.

Quadgrow Self-Watering Planters

I know lots of you guys ask about the self-watering planters in our greenhouse, unfortunately, I couldn’t add the details to our main kit list so I’ve added it here so that you guys can see. We buy them from a company called Greenhouse Sensations, in fact, we’ve bought a lot of stuff from them and do recommend them. You can find their site and the quadgrows using the link below.
Just a note, this link is what’s called a referral link, which means that they know you came to their site from us. We don’t get any commission from this, but they do give us “points” if you shop with them using this link 😀

Greenhouse Sensations website

Tools & garden gadgets

Ever wonder what that hand tool Kate uses is or what about Eli’s favourite gardening knife?
You got it, we made a list in our Amazon shop that should help you work out what to add to your birthday or christmas list.


Channel T-shirts & merchanside

Fancy a T-shirt, hat or mug declaring your kitchen garden love?
We got you covered.

We’ve got a selection of shirts and things designed by Eli available in our Spreadshirt shop (delivers worldwide)

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