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smiley Eli holding un heated propagators

What can I grow in my greenhouse over winter?

Growing in a greenhouse over winter must be the most common subject in the comments of any of our social media. Although I’m not sure it’s always phrased well, I think people actually mean what is what seeds can they sow that will germinate and grow to the point where […]

Planting out garlic & pea shoots in October

It’s October and I’m still sowing, growing, and harvesting in the garden and the greenhouse, so join us for some autumn and winter seed sowing and an update on last month’s seeds in the greenhouse. We’re also planting garlic in the raised beds and as a bit of an experiment, […]

Thinking about taking on an allotment?

The last couple of years has seen an absolute boom in the amount of folk taking up gardening for the first time as well as those renting allotment plots. So as you can imagine, we’ve seen a lot of new folks join our wee community over the last couple of […]

Overwintering your peppers

Today’s video is possibly one of the most asked for over the past few years. In the UK, because of our milder climate, we cut down and basically bin our hot weather crops like tomatoes and peppers. Meaning that we have to start fresh every year by sowing new seeds […]

It’s autumn how did that happen?

It only seemed like minutes ago when I was getting excited at peppers ripening and courgettes swelling and now it’s autumn. Already. Although to be fair, as I write this it’s still lovely and sunny and relatively warm in the garden. OK, not summer warm but still t-shirt wearing weather. […]

The composting adventure and our new bin

It feels like forever ago when we first posted a blog about our switch over to the more compact hotbin system. We’d had a standard palet bay for ages and didn’t really think composting was anything people were interested in, but when we started trying out one of the new […]