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Shade in the greenhouse

Shading the greenhouse is commonplace in warmer sunnier climes, but as I’ve said. It’s not something I’ve ever even thought about, because, well… I’ve never seen sunlight strong enough to cause my plants any problems. However, this year the weather has been all over the place. So you may not […]

Eat, Sow, Grow: July in our vegetable garden

July is awesome. Not just cause it’s party month (my birthday and our wedding anniversary) but because July is usually the month of abundance in the vegetable garden with beetroot, courgettes, peas, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and loads more. This year has been a tad more exciting than […]

Homemade composting: getting usable compost from the hotbin

So in this week’s video, we are answering some questions that came in about our compost process. We posted some funny wee videos on social media recently, just for a bit of fun but unexpectedly they generated a whole heap of questions about my composting process. So I thought I’d […]

Out enjoying the sunshine

Been a bit exciting this week as well as a wee bit nervous. We’ve been having some lovely weather and things in Scotland are starting to open up again, so yesterday we had a fun day out in Edinburgh. Luckily I’d managed to get this week’s video update for the […]

A complete carrot disaster

Remember back in the autumn I planted some carrots pots in the greenhouse as an experiment to see if I could grow them over winter in order to have some early carrots? Well it was all going so well. I had planted some outdoors in the raised beds at the […]